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Easy installation and integrates with any EHR system

A.I Medical Billing To Reimburse Your Clinic

More Efficient Ways to Run Your Billing

Affordable price and dedicated A.I engine for your next level claims auditing and billing!

A.I Engine

A.I engine that will keep an eye on your claims to make sure that no rejections are applied so you can get reimbursed as much as possible!

Advanced Patient registration

CSC Ware provides advanced fields and validations that will allow you to better understand the international qualifications and updates!

Helping Your Clinic Grow

More money, more checks, means better growing and great relationship with your clients!

Why choose Us

Saves time and effort

Our advanced and quick responding A.I Neural Engines reads the claims and analysis the data in a blink of an eye!

Real time HIPAA compliant engine that reduces the rejections by 95%

Our trained engines will read your claims and notify you immediatly to either take an action or to allow it to make the correct decision!

Easy to use and to be trained on

All you need is your computer and the system is pretty much… Self explanatory!

Worldwide Offices and support

Our 24/7/365 support team is ready to help you at any time! you can reach [email protected] for any help

Our Customer, is our success!

Powering over 10.5 million worldwide rules into our engines!

Our job is to keep you happy with your patients,
but also to make sure you get your reimbursement ASAP!